Zenfolio | Andrea Sitzman Photography | How to Download Your Images

How to Download Your Images


To download a single image, click on that image.  It should display as a single image on the screen.  At the top center of the screen, click on the icon with the arrow pointing down, this will download the image that you are viewing.

When you are finished, click the "back arrow" in the upper left hand corner, to return to the gallery view.


To download multiple images, click "Select Photos" from the button bar at the upper right portion of the screen.  Each time you click on a photo, a white checkmark will appear in a black circle in the lower lefthand corner of the image.  Click on the images you wish to download.  When you have selected your images, click "Download" from the button bar.A box will appear that says "Download your zipped photos".  The name of the zip file will appear in red and have .zip at the end. You may click on that link and the images you selected will download as one zip file.  

If you have selected many images and want to be notified when they are ready for download, enter your email in the box provided, and click on "Request".  A link to a zip file for downloading will be sent to you.